We Remember

One of those songs that just came out all by itself and speaks for itself.

Is it coincidence that this track is number 11 (#The Golden Thread)?

We look back, we reflect, pay respect.


Lest we forget.





We Remember         © Alan G Brydon


We hear them say in life there’s no guarantees

We live in hope that we can all live in peace

We’ve seen what happens when the world disagrees

So please, do remember


We think of every-thing that might not have been

We hope we never see the things they have seen

We owe them all to keep their names evergreen

And we mean – to remember


We Remember, We Remember

We look back, we reflect, we respect

We recall every life

Keep their memories alive

And that’s why

We remember


We hope that countries round the world remain friends

And where there’s conflict let us pray that it ends

Let war be over

Not over and over and over again


John Maxwell EdmondGave us words to convey

When you go home tell them of us and say

For your tomorrow, we gave our today

So pray – we remember