Salmon Song

My home town stands at the confluence of two great rivers, The Slitrig and The Teviot. As a boy I often watched salmon leap. They swim into the mouth of the mighty Tweed at Berwick and make their way up to the Queen of the Borders before parting ways. Some follow the Slitrig, leaping rocks near the backdamgate, others follow the Teviot and have to leap the Cauld. I have always been fascinated by their life cycle, how they are born in a stream high in the hills, find their way to the sea and eventually return to the very spot they were born, to begin the cycle again.  How they find their way back is a mystery, but they know where they are going, how to get there and they have the determination to succeed.

We could learn a thing or two if we care to reflect.



Salmon Song                           © Alan G Brydon


From a cool border burn to the depths of the sea

You’ll return to the pool where you first came to be

As your shimmering lustre reflects in the sun

A wash of fresh water, your journey’s begun


It’s a journey that starts at the mouth of the Tweed

Onwards and upwards where bold rivers meet

Leading the way to where new life will spawn

Bound for the burn where the Salmon was born


As you enter the river on the swell of the tide

With only the scent of the water to guide

Through rivers and burns, over auld caulds and weirs

Your purpose is sure and your destiny clear


Kings of the river and Queens of the sea

How you find your way back is a mystery to me

As you battle on homeward, your promise to keep

You fly over rocks in an almighty leap


In my life I have wandered for wandering’s sake

Often unsure of the path I must take

Bridges and crossroads confuse every day

Oh bonny fish will you show me the way